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COURTS   OF   PARIS,   NAPLES,   ETC.                   23

L'Archev£que de Toulouse is made prime
minister. I went to the salon of pictures, or
exhibition, which is infinitely superior to that of
London; several excellent landscapes by Vernet,
Huet, &c.; some charming portraits by Madame
Le Brun; " Madame Adelaide," full length, by
Guitard; the " Death of Socrates," by David.

September izth. Met the Archbishop of Tou-
louse at the Val. They say of him at Paris,
" qu'il a trois gouvernantes (Mesdames de Gram-
mont, de Montesson, et de Boisgelin) et pas une

25^.    Spent the day at Sevres with Mr. Eden.

zjth. Dined at the Val with the Duke and
Duchess de la Rochefaucault, Countess de Boufflers
and the Countess Amelie, &c., and had a delight-
ful walk home by moonlight.

28th. Went to Paris to see for a house; met
Laharpe and Lalande at dinner at Laborde's.

zgth. Went after dinner with the Beauveaus
and Jarnacs to visit Madame du Barri. She
received us very amiably and merrily. She looks
a very happy dame,

$Qth. The notables have their heads so filled
just now with the sound of deficits and millions
that they can think of nothing else. The Duke
d'Havre having written a pressing letter to his